Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Colonial Justification

    An Israeli based news organization Haaretz, posted an article earlier this evening covering Donald Trumps recent rally in South Bend, Indiana. The article showed a strong bias for Trumps support of Israel and promptly explains that in his rally yesterday he openly expressed his support for the continuation of the construction of Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands in the West Bank. However it does well in reporting that Trump had an original agenda of keeping a neutral position on the conflict in Israel but explains that due to the close election ahead and high need for potential voters he is "singing a different tune" in attempts to attract the Jewish vote in America (Haaretz). Provided mild red tape and unknown author the article uses well put language, speaking in a tone that objectively covers Trumps support of Israel but doing it in a way that does appear to be right fourth propaganda because they quote Trumps heavily insane assertions saying that the Americans should condone the occupation of Palestine by Israel due to the fact that the U.S. has conducted missile attacks on Israel over the years of world policing in the Middle East. This completely undermines the genocide of Palestinians by making the occupation of their lands some kind of quazi-wartime reparation indebted to the Israelis. Below is a photo of Donald Trump billowing his attempt at acquiring more Jewish conservative votes while propagating the Grand Old Party's agenda.

 U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a campaign stop, South Bend, Indiana, U.S., May 2, 2016.(Photo Credit: Charles Rex Arbogast, AP)


Tough Love Palestine

    Under a month ago, an article published by the Guardian, another newspaper belonging to the United Kingdom, gives an alibi for the increasingly healthy and transparent economic relationship between Israel and the UK saying that the plight of the Palestinians is nothing compared to the revenue being made in the trade between the two economies. Going so far as to give advice to Palestinian commanders saying they shouldn't point fingers at Israel when they allowed the submission of terrorists who prevent the aid given the Palestinian Authority from ever reaching the right hands being those who know what to do with it for the betterment of all and those who need it the most. I found this assertion to be quite biased however it would appear that the writer would undoubtedly be heavy handed in his assertions against Palestine as he is the spokesperson for the Embassy of Israel in London, Yiftah Curiel. Below is a picture of Yiftah Curiel. 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Virtual Training: Field Application


    Since its inception 10 years ago, the International Day for Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action has been recognized anally by the UN since 2006. In cooperation with social media conglomerate Instagram, Mine Awareness featured a simple and familiar game on Instagram where users can play the mine game that is in many was similar to the popular PC game Minesweeper. Though the game might not be teaching people how to be mine proof, it is raising awareness about the problem many nations face due to left behind, war time mines that plague civilians all over the globe. Once a user loses the game and reveals a mine in one of the squares the mine reveals a larger image behind the rest of the panels and the images vary among different mine victims, most of whom are missing limbs. A baby step maybe, but I feel this is a step in the right direction in terms of raising awareness and bringing this problem on a global platform by making it available to all on Instagram.

U.S. and Israel in Yemen

    Earlier today The Jerusalem Post made a small but to the point article in their a waves about a recorded speech made by the current Houthi leader, Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi. In his televised speech, which the article notes was in memory of the previous leader's death, he calls out out the country of Israel, who receive's aid from the U.S. claimed that the neglect shown thus far to the conflict in Yemen is to the benefit of Israel and America. The Post quotes him saying something next to near, the neglect evident in Israeli, American media is used as a vacuum, preventing the conflict in Yemen from coming to an end. The article was short but did indeed seem to unbiased report the claims made by the Houthi leader who explains that the country in which Jerusalem is a city in, and the U.S. have a hand in the on going civil war in Yemen. I thought the coverage of this story was concise and unbiased but unfortunately due to the latter it was incredibly short, it would have been nice to read a bit more on the subject and when I tried to click on the link that would take me to the televised delivery of the speech I was attack by a virus from the news website. So, readers beware! Below is a picture of the surviving Houthi leader blowing his whistle on Israel and the U.S. for their turning a blind eye on Yemen in their own best interests.


Antiseptic World Views

   In the begginning of last month, a British newspaper, the Observer, published an article regarding statements made by the U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon who was justifying the stabbing of Israeli settlers at the hands of Palestinian extremists saying something close to, it was understandable that the stabbings had occurred in lieu of the fifty years of Israels occupation of Palestinian lands. The article is quite biased in quickly reducing the contention coming from the prestigious title of the Secretary-General to the U.N.to mere antisemitism as if to reduce the potency of his words. In doing this they shroud Israel's illegal occupation of Palestinian lands in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Instead of raising awareness of the oppression of Palestine and the conflict in Israel which should be considered a civil war, to no surprise the Observer is victimizing Israeli's neglecting the occupation and asserting that the stabbings were simply out of hatred for Jews existence. This comes by no surprise because the United Kingdom is in trade with the U.S. and due to the burning desire of American media to appear involved in Israel's occupation of Palestinian lands the Observer waters down the larger issue at hand by claiming the allegations are racist and strike down the speakers credit. Below is a picture of Israeli's protesting the, at the time, recent stabbing attacks orchestrated by Palestinian extremists.

   Israeli settlers protest outside their settlement of Kiryat Arba in the southern West Bank after a suspected Palestinian attacker stabbed to death a woman at her home in the Otniel settlement on January 17, 2016. A Palestinian broke into a West Bank Jewish settlement and stabbed Dafna Meir, a hospital nurse and mother of six, to death in her home, the Israeli army said, the first such incursion in a months-long wave of violence. (Photo: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images)