Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Tough Love Palestine

    Under a month ago, an article published by the Guardian, another newspaper belonging to the United Kingdom, gives an alibi for the increasingly healthy and transparent economic relationship between Israel and the UK saying that the plight of the Palestinians is nothing compared to the revenue being made in the trade between the two economies. Going so far as to give advice to Palestinian commanders saying they shouldn't point fingers at Israel when they allowed the submission of terrorists who prevent the aid given the Palestinian Authority from ever reaching the right hands being those who know what to do with it for the betterment of all and those who need it the most. I found this assertion to be quite biased however it would appear that the writer would undoubtedly be heavy handed in his assertions against Palestine as he is the spokesperson for the Embassy of Israel in London, Yiftah Curiel. Below is a picture of Yiftah Curiel. 

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