Friday, April 8, 2016

U.S. and Israel in Yemen

    Earlier today The Jerusalem Post made a small but to the point article in their a waves about a recorded speech made by the current Houthi leader, Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi. In his televised speech, which the article notes was in memory of the previous leader's death, he calls out out the country of Israel, who receive's aid from the U.S. claimed that the neglect shown thus far to the conflict in Yemen is to the benefit of Israel and America. The Post quotes him saying something next to near, the neglect evident in Israeli, American media is used as a vacuum, preventing the conflict in Yemen from coming to an end. The article was short but did indeed seem to unbiased report the claims made by the Houthi leader who explains that the country in which Jerusalem is a city in, and the U.S. have a hand in the on going civil war in Yemen. I thought the coverage of this story was concise and unbiased but unfortunately due to the latter it was incredibly short, it would have been nice to read a bit more on the subject and when I tried to click on the link that would take me to the televised delivery of the speech I was attack by a virus from the news website. So, readers beware! Below is a picture of the surviving Houthi leader blowing his whistle on Israel and the U.S. for their turning a blind eye on Yemen in their own best interests.

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